Innoguide platform for educating tour guides

first_imgWithin the European program for education, youth and sports Erasmus +, the Society of Marija Jurić Zagorka participates in the project Innoguide 2.0. Guiding as a trigger for a more sustainable, diverse and exciting Europe! Stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of guiding.The project involves the president of the Zagorka Society Dubravka Vidović and tourist guides who have experience in experiential guidance and are small entrepreneurs themselves: Iva Silla (Secret Zagreb), Doris Kunkera (Zagreb Smile), Samia Zitouni (Best of Zagreb), Iva Čaleta Pleša Culture).The Society of Marija Jurić Zagorka has been organizing a popular city tour “Walk with Zagorka” for several years in a row, and this cultural and tourist product was the reason for the invitation to participate in this interesting project.The project is coordinated by the Tourist Board of Flanders from Belgium, and in addition to the Croatian partner, several other colleges and organizations from Belgium (Via Via Tourism Academy), the Netherlands (NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences), Denmark (Dania Academy of Higher Education and Service & Co.) are participating. International Guide School) and Finland (Laurea University of Applied Sciences). The aim of the project is to raise entrepreneurial awareness among tourist guides and their organizations, as well as to upgrade the existing free one online guide teaching platforms.”“The Innoguide platform is easy to use, the information is grouped thematically into three blocks. Information and materials are easy to use, topics from individual groups can be easily processed in a reasonably short time because a very extensive material has undergone an adaptation process to be practical and usable by tourism professionals. Guide education is important because only through ongoing education can industry trends be followed. Also, by becoming aware of one’s own characteristics and the characteristics of one’s own product (one’s own culture, state of sustainability and responsible business in tourism, the level of product experience), one becomes more competitive and of better quality. It is also a way to regularly improve certain tourist products and services.” points out Samia Zitouni, Best of ZagrebDuring the project, international workshops were held where tourist guides were educated in the field of experiential and sustainable leadership, and on the topic of interculturalism in tourism leadership. The previous project showed that tourist guides lack education on these topics. In addition to guide training, the project will develop tools to serve tour guide societies, tour guide organizations and agencies to improve their work, services and market visibility.” One of the goals of the Innoguide project is to further professionalize the profession of tour guides across Europe, and lifelong learning is key here. Every good guide is constantly looking for a way to complete his knowledge, but also how to improve his skills. The latter is something that is often neglected during the compulsory training of guides. By using the material on the Innoguide project website, I became aware of some of my own shortcomings and often return to that platform in search of new inspiration. Thanks to this project, I set out in a new direction and decided to be more active in promoting responsible tourism in my work. ”Points out Iva Silla from Secret Zagreb Walks A free e-platform for education, interesting stories from the world of tourist guides and other information about the project have been posted on the project’s website. Find more information on the project website:

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